About Us

About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Find out why we’re on a mission to help so many people maintan their digital balance.

About Us

Our business has been built with real-life driving instructors. Our inspiration came from the father of Sam, our Founder. 

When Sam’s father, an ADI, was struggling for time, feeling overwhelmed and in-need of some support, Sam came up with a solution. 

Sam’s background as an engineer,  electronic warfare and fighter-jet simulation meant he was well placed to design a technology based solution.

Today, working with a set a of fantastic driving instructors, world-leading technologists, engineers and professionals Sam and his team are helping as many driving instructors as possible share the support he designed for his dad.


“I think what makes us different from other world-class teams is that we really care.

Our motivation is helping people, which is why we’re haven’t taken on investment – we want to be driven by people not profits.

My dad (same name) has always been a huge inspiration, his professionalism and pride in helping people to learn to drive rather than just pass their test is real core value (plus his marketing efforts with movie stars). 

If I can share the things we’ve built with other driving instructors, maybe together we could give driving instructors the recognition they deserve and improve the safety of our UK roads together.” 

Sam Jackson, CEO and Founder

“You know what you need..we know how to build it.

We built Helix to help people; designed by our users, made by technology experts.”

Sam Jackson

CEO and Founder

“You know what you need…we know how to build it.

We built Helix to help people; designed by our users, made by technology experts.”

Sam Jackson

CEO and Founder


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